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[DOUJINSHI REVIEW] Twin - Iikamoshinna

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Aug. 18th, 2005 | 01:01 pm
posted by: gungrave_djs in nightow_djs

CIRCLE: Iikamoshinnai 
PRINT DATE: October 1998
SIZE/SPECS: B5 34P [perfect-bind]
STLYE: Manga-comic
PAIRINGS: Knives/Vash
AVAILABILITY: Now sold out...but she consigns all her books with Rivista and You Club Shops, as well as You Club Online.

This is from the writer/artist team of Tsuta Hiroko/Mizushima Yui, who moved on to Yu Gi Oh in 2004. They tend to move where the money is, if Naruto is selling they make a Naruto book, if it's Yu Yu Hakusho then a Yu Yu book...but they started with Gundam Wing. Writer Yui is deeply in the throes of Death Note, and though she still loves Yu Gi Oh, all the rage is now Final Fantasy 7, so look for a book from them real soon! ^__^;

Bad Knives, so misunderstood

This books opens with short about Vash's love for a certain style of pajama's. Then we get the story 'Twin', about Vash and Knives touchy years together on Gunsmoke. Not long really. Puberty with the plant brothers with clean art and nice screentone. Knives comes to terms with his sexual urges by raping Vash when they are teens. Vash wakes up and realizes he's an adult now and so dwelling on what happened back then when he is surrounded by people who care about him is really just stupid. It closes with a few more comical shorts and that's the book.

Their web site is here http://www.d4.dion.ne.jp/~yuitsuta/ , and though she has a great sense of humor, don't let her catch you stealing her artwork. She's known to notify servers and contact message board admins as her Engrish is quite effective.

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