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[DOUJINSHI REVIEW]Kugashira Archives

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Sep. 28th, 2005 | 01:20 pm
posted by: gungrave_djs in nightow_djs

Kugashira Archives

TITLE: Kugashira Archives
SHOW: Gungrave
SIZE/SPECS: B5 24P [staple]
STYLE: Manga.
PAIRINGS: None. Bunji humor is the focus.
AVAILABLE: Website, and the next Nightow Event in May 2006.

This is Gunstomes first Kugashira Bunji book, and it's a well made staple book and worth collecting because of the cover. OD Bunji in tabi socks! It has a few episodic koma about Scott and Bunji on the job [the karoake bit is quite cute]the it pokes fun at 'Yaoi'with a short Brandon/Bunji piece. Scott and Bunji go kitten shopping before ending up back at another story about the karoake bar! Bunji really likes it there. 0_o. There is a tiny short about Bunji and Juji talking-and the books ends with some non-explicit tongue-dueling Bunji/Scott love.

Scott and Bunji...

There are two artists at work here, the adorable Nylon, and Tokiwa. I prefer Toki's artwork because sometimes Nylon's faces are 'ugly'. No insult intended, just my opinion. But Nylon's stories are funnier. ((^_^))

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