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[DOUJINSHI REVIEW] Greatful Dead - Kinsei

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Sep. 20th, 2006 | 01:18 pm
posted by: gungrave_djs in nightow_djs

Greatful Dead

SHOW: Gungrave
SIZE: B5 30 Pages
CONTENT: Shounen Ai - Harry/Brandon
CIRCLE: Kinsei

This comes from Kinsei and is a Gungrave book entitled Greatful Dead. It features some one page Bunji comedies from ARK and her rendition of other shorts written by Ritsuko Nagumo, and then there is Kinsei’s story Greatful Dead. The Bunji stuff is outright funny and features various one page strips about Bunji inability to deal with Brandon’s Heat’s biseinen factor.

You 2 Queers gotta go!

One short in particular I recently shared with Shell Presto involves the infamous fight scene between Heat and Bunji after the gunfight with Gashaw. Brandon steps in the way and agrees to fight-but before that he and Harry hug passionately at which point Bunji is like…oh hell no…and pulls out both guns planning to shoot them because, well, BL just gross!! Greatful Dead itself is a BL story [complete with an invisible outline of penis] about how Harry and Brandon share a bottle of tequila and a fuck one night. At the end we see Grave at Harry’s tombstone with a bottle of tequila.

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