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[DOUJINSHI REVIEW] Allegiance - Aquatime

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Sep. 10th, 2005 | 01:16 pm
posted by: gungrave_djs in nightow_djs


CIRCLE: Aquatime
SIZE/SPECS: A5 56P [bound]
STYLE: Short Stories
PAIRINGS: Deals with Harry after the death of Brandon and how Lee is aroused by his grief.
INSIDE: All stories revolve around the above theme.
AVAILABLE: She’s only done one Gungrave book because her Sgt. Frog stuff is very popular! (>_<) She does not sell overseas but if you can catch her at an event this book is about $5 and the cover is nice glossy stock.

Aquatime's Lee is a seme that's for SURE! There are 8 stories in here, 4 of which were on her website for awhile and 4 new ones. I've only read three translated so far [thank you Ryu from GAKO] and very much love this book because of its little size and Red/Black cover. As a matter of fact I think her short story "Desire" is still posted on her site so if you can read Japanese give it a look, you will like her Lee very much. He's always had a bit of crush on Harry- but the self-loathing Harry feels for himself after killing Brandon manifests itself in self-destructive behavior like drinking. Harry drinks to get drunk and of course Lee takes advantage of Harry's intoxication whenever he can. In “Desire”, it's in his office after too much Scotch. Lee is there for him sure, 'You drink too much' or 'don’t do this yourself' but these words are pretty meaningless when Lee is actually making the drink for him and moving him to the couch. (^_^") Her Gungrave site is loaded with her fiction so if you read Japanese and have the time I highly suggest checking it out.

Some of the stories are about Brandon in the past tense, and Harry's strong feelings for him. Typical Haribra/RiHari angst for most this book AND this is a true doujinshi ‘novel’ [SS] book without art or manga. So if you see it on Ebay and are captivated by the cover, remember it is only worth 500Yen and there are no pics inside so if you spend anything over $10 you are buying a manga size cover and back, especially if you can't read Japanese.

It isn't the typical fan smuttage of hot noisy sex scenes; she writes in a very 'Aesthetic' or *gasp* old school term here-'tanbi' style, full of descriptive prose and characterization yet and still manages to keep her sex sexy. If you can read Japanese and make the trip to Comiket give her books a chance, you'll like them, even her current fandom Kerrero Gunso [SGT.FROG here in the USA from Tokyo Pop] is rather funny because she writes those rambunctious frogs as bishounen and it is a riot to read and see as she does dabble in fan arts from time to time!

Oh Harry and His Brandon-Complex. Some pony tails are better than others...
ART [c] Aquatime / Please Respect OFP

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