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Sep. 30th, 2005 | 01:15 pm
posted by: gungrave_djs in nightow_djs

::Futz! #1::

TITLE: FUTZ! [Book 1]
SHOW: Trigun
CIRCLE: Plug'n Play [ALSO Elegant Madness]
SIZE/SPECS: B5 36P [perfect-bound] - Western Style.
STYLE: Manga style doujinshi IN ENGLISH!
PAIRINGS: Midvalley/Wolfwood [others]
INSIDE: Set in 1930's Gilded age style Gunsmoke.
AVAILABLE: Circle Sold Out.
Note: This is the team of Gynocrat/Kheelan, also of Gungrave Elegant Madness fandom.

FUTZ #1 by Studio Plug'n Play [doujinshi]

Though I have yet to get all the way through Trigun Vol.1, let alone any of the volumes of the Trigun Maximum manga, I liked this doujinshi very much. Still, I don't pretend to understand the subtleties of the story; as far as I can tell, Wolfwood and Midvalley have decided, with the latter's only begrudging acquiescence, not to be assassins for hire anymore. Writer Gynocrat has told me that this doujinshi is more popular with gay male yaoi fans, and I can see why. The story in particular has a definite masculine edge--themes of coercion predominate, and there is no overt love or romance to speak of. There's also no penetrative sex, and, in my (okay, limited) experience, that doesn't often translate into "real" sex to women, but it does for gay men. And, of course, artwork features explicitly-rendered dangly bits, which I'm sure is a draw. Speaking of the artwork, I was quite impressed with Kheelan's skills. She skillfully merges the asymmetrical panel layouts so popular among Japanese mangaka with the heavy lines popular among American comic book artists.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The style is a unique one, one that I can't honestly say I've seen anywhere else...though, interestingly, if someone had told me the artist was Japanese or Korean, I would have believed that person without question. All in all, a wonderfully-atmospheric, emminently professional book set in an nostalgic world illustrated with obsessive, loving detail. The circle intends to publish a sequel but will no longer print fanbooks after 2005. If this is a sign of original works to come, I can't wait. ^_^ (I have only one complaint, and it is encapsulated in a single word: "threw." >_< )

[Cherry Blossom Monologues]

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from: gynocrat_rex
date: Feb. 21st, 2006 12:54 pm (UTC)

This book is available in English and Japanese via digitial Download at Akiba Angels. Original printed books are sold out. :(

Akiba Angels Store

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